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The Infintech project connects traditional finance with financial technology to make finance accessible. We do this by sharing knowledge on trends and best practices, providing advice on FinTech integration and clarifying the needs of customers by giving them a platform. Our research is characterized by a data-driven approach and a focus on the customers’ needs. The voice of the customer is always at the heart of our analysis, by making in-depth interviews an integral part of our research. We are driven by the believe that a passionate entrepreneur with a valuable idea should not be stopped by a lack of finance. Financial exclusion causes an uneccessary waste of talent and creativity. Integrating financial technology with traditional finance can change this, provided it’s done the right way. Funding opportunities better, that is what we strive for.


Finance enables the start of a value chain. Whether it is baking bread or building drones, an entrepreneur will always need to make an investment to start or grow his/her business. Every passionate entrepreneur with a valuable idea should be able to get access to finance and create value. However, today many entrepreneurs don’t have sufficient access to the finance they need, even though SMEs are the backbone of the economy, providing jobs and creating value for the communities they serve. This problem motivated us to research possibilities of improving access to finance. Technology offers promising solutions to solve age-old problems such as reducing risk and transaction costs. But technology is only an instrument, it is the people that truly matter. Their needs should be at the heart of financial technology. This insight led to the start of the Infintech project in 2017. Our purpose is to enable entrepreneurs all over the world to realise their full potential by making finance accessible.

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